Our Associate Concern, Swaya Cadd Tech is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre and Certification Centre of Autodesk.

SWAYA CADD TECH is one of the higher end CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD solution providers for industries, pioneering in training students and corporate companies in the latest design and analysis tools. It provides world class training to engineering, diploma students and working professionals of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Architectural Engineering to enhance their technical and design skills and excel in their specific professional field with Four branches across Chennai region.

3D is not only used for various types of industrial and personal applications but could also be a useful educational subject. From elementary schools to high schools and universities comprising many subjects and courses could be seen in a whole new light by using 3D printing. Junior high schools, and high schools are the perfect place to begin introducing a curriculum based study using 3D printing. 3D printing allows for a better mindset for learning where children who have been all these years given theoretical education of visualising an image could see for themselves a physical product. This contributes to their boldness for design, increasing their confidence and imagination.

In Mathematics : 3D Printing can help students envision graphs and mathematical models. Due to the way our brains function it is difficult grasping numbers and figures that we see on paper. 3D printing helps us to easily see them through tangible representations.

In Geography :A student could easily envision the world on a 3-dimensional model of a city, valley or mountain for better understanding of topography and structure. It makes most sense that we do so using the 3-dimensional tool that helps us envision this better.

In History : If every history class is going show a physical picture of historical personalities students interests would be kindled and they would be lining up to sign up for the class. The entire idea of seeing even a prototype of a personality is way more exciting than reading chapter after chapter in a textbook, with many students losing focus and not comprehending what they have read.

In Engineering subjects : Allowing young engineering students to expose to a complete product design cycle through 3d input based mathematical calculation before they get into product designing which will get them interested in engineering and encourage out of the box thinking.