i) 3D Printing

3d printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing is the process of making 3d objects (Three dimensional physical objects) from CAD models. 3d printing gives you the power to convert your ideas into a physically product as a fully functional prototype.

3d printing is affordable and is a necessary step before you create your next moulding dye.3D printing is used in architecture, health products, prototyping and creating personalised gifting products.

It is no secret that 3D printing has numerous applications from Animation, Healthcare, rapid Prototyping and so forth, the possibilities are endless. 3D printing has, and will continue to, provide a means for inventors, innovators, and visionaries to easily fabricate prototypes for designs which they could only depict via 2-dimensional drawings and diagrams in the past. 3D printing will certainly spur on new inventions, simply because inventors now have a way to test out their ideas with tangible models and prototypes.